NVC Remains Strong and Our Hearts Remain Open

La reVistaAs we close out the fall semester and the calendar year, I would like to express my appreciation for your dedication to student success and support of Northwest Vista College’s mission, vision, values and our initiatives.

The results of our efforts are seen in the quality of the programs we offer, our course outcomes, and the classroom experiences and various college support services.

It is precisely because of all the accomplishments we achieved as one of the Best Community Colleges in the state that it was extremely disappointing to learn about the decision to place Northwest Vista College and two of our sister colleges on a warning status by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. It is, therefore, critically important for us to remember and remind our community that we have not lost our spirit, that the quality of our instruction has not been diminished and that our commitment continues to be focused on students.

Thank you to all who attended the December Bragging Breakfast and took part in the conversation regarding our accreditation. Your questions and comments are much appreciated.

As an NVC faculty and staff member, you are probably receiving questions from friends, colleagues and community members as to why Northwest Vista College was placed on a warning status and whether we’ll remain open. Please remember, and help us assure the public that:

  • NVC is committed to Student Success.
  • Northwest Vista College remains accredited while the college is on the warning status.
  • The quality of education we offer is top-notch: we have excellent programs, outstanding faculty and staff and great support services.
  • NVC is financially stable.
  • NVC has up to two years to resolve this warning status but we will not wait that long. In fact, on Tuesday the Alamo College’s Board made policy changes in support of faculty responsibility for the curriculum.

During these challenging times, perceptions will be numerous and we’ll hear all sorts of things. I ask that we stand united in effectively working to support our students and preserving our culture of collaboration.

We may be closing our campus for the holidays, but our spirit is strong and our hearts remain open. I wish you and your loved ones much peace, joy and plenty of rest. Please always keep in your heart what NVC students and alumni continue to say about this college. Here are some testimonials that were posted on the NVC Facebook page following the recent news reports about our accreditation:

“NVC gave me the education to be in the nursing program I am in today. My professors at NVC were far more compassionate, informative, and caring than a college student can expect to have pursuing a higher education. I’m proud to be an NVC Alumni.”

“The staff and instructors at NVC are among some of the most genuine and hard-working people I have met in my academic career. I am proud to finish associates this coming spring and transfer to my university knowing that I’ve grown as an individual ALL thanks to those at the Alamo Colleges!”

“Just stopped by this post to say how amazing the community college system here is….please take advantage! I am the daughter of an immigrant, one parent did not complete highschool and funds were scarce. I enrolled at Northwest Vista…..graduated…..went to UTSA for my bachelor’s and I am now starting my second year of my master’s degree at the new Texas A&M campus! And I plan to apply for a Ph.D program down the line. Please don’t see community college as a down grade…see it as being smart and informed….and an amazing stepping stone. You can do it! If I can , literally anyone can!!! Bonus, I met my now husband of 10 years in speech class at Northwest Vista.”

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