NVC PR Staff Attend National Marketing Conference

Three members of the Northwest Vista College Public Relations team recently attended the national conference of the National Council of Marketing & Public Relations at the Hyatt Hill Country Resort.

Renata Serafin, Lisa McDaniel and Melissa Monroe-Young attended the three-day conference that attracted community college professionals from across the U.S., including Hawaii.

A variety of workshops and panel discussions were provided that focused on crisis communication, branding, case studies of community colleges having advertising success, and tips to telling the story of community college students. At the Monday luncheon, the College of Southern Nevada presented it’s Emmy-nominated documentary “No Greater Odds” that features the story of five community college students and how they were able to persist and eventually graduate despite going through many obstacles. After the movie screening, three Alamo Colleges students talked about what attracted them to a community college. Most said affordability and not being considered another number.

“I encourage everyone to see this documentary. I think everyone can relate to one of the five students who overcame obstacles to go to college,” said Melissa. “It was tear-jerker and made me feel even more inspired to work at Northwest Vista.”

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