NVC Kicks Off Camp NVC for New Employees

Camp NVC had its inaugural debut on Oct. 22 with 12 new employees. The purpose of Camp NVC is to create an inclusive work environment, aid in employee retention, attempt to remove silos, and boost employee morale.

Camp NVC was targeted to all full-time and part-time NVC employees who began service on Jan. 1, 2019. It covered an overview of NVC’s knowledge, culture, history, and values. There’s also a Canvas component that serves as a reference point where new employees can first get introduced to NVC and then a half-day face-to-face orientation.

Speakers for the orientation included NVC President Dr. Ric Baser, Alamo Colleges District Sergeant Jill Sprowls, NVC’s Coordinator of Risk Management Garvin Dansby, NVC Events Coordinator Rey Cardenas, and Alamo Colleges Human Resources Partner Stacey Blum.

Camp NVC was born out of the NVC Emerging Leaders group, which is a leadership program that Alamo Colleges has at the different colleges. The Emerging Leaders committee that continued with the orientation includes Charlie Young, Felicia King, Shawn Harward, Elladean Moreno, Elisabeth Jones, Lindi Edwards and Lisa McGoldrick.


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