NVC Institutes: Science and Technology

This is an ongoing series to help inform staff and faculty about Alamo Institutes:

The largest Institute at NVC by number of students and number of disciplines is the Science and Technology Institute.  Students who are interested in areas like biology, computer science, engineering, and psychology will have many opportunities to explore the disciplines, as well as real-world experiences related to careers in those areas.

The mission of the Science and Technology institute is to “promote students’ demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems.”  In alignment with the Pathways project, faculty and staff have identified four areas of focus that will help shape a successful student experience.

  1. Clarify student paths through the alignment of transfer plans from NVC to four year universities.
  2. Bridge K-12 education with higher education through remediation.
  3. Build strong student advising to streamline transfer issues.
  4. Establish learning outcomes.
  5. Integrate high impact practices (student collaboration, experiential learning, undergraduate research, internships, etc.)

One of the most exciting aspects of the Institute’s focus is undergraduate research.  The Science and Technology Institute team wants to help students deepen their understanding of research through exposure and immersion.  NVC students are already participating in research projects and presenting at national conferences.  The aim of the Institute is to scale this effort so that more STEM students leave NVC with this experience.  All of these in-class experiential activities are supported by co-curricular activities.  Faculty and staff will continue to host featured speakers, fairs, networking events, volunteer programs, and field trips.

For more information about the Science and Technology Institute at NVC, contact Scott Walker, Institute team leader.

Contributed by NVC Project Facilitator Janie Scott

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