NVC Institutes: Health and Biosciences


This is an ongoing series to help inform staff and faculty about Alamo Institutes:

Students who have an interest in Health Sciences will find a team ready to help them with their academic goals.

The Health and Biosciences Institute Team’s mission is to offer students quality academic and technical learning experiences that will prepare them for transfer to four year institutions and workforce programs in the field. The members of this team offer academic support, co-curricular opportunities, collaborative experiences, and experiential learning which will help students develop the necessary skills to be successful.

Students who are interested in nursing, pharmacy technology, clinical research, community health, kinesiology, and personal fitness training will have access to advisors and faculty who will help them navigate through their experience at NVC. In addition to their academic requirements, students will also have the opportunity to participate in many events such as networking meetings, site visits, lectures, internships/shadowing hours and volunteer opportunities.

A key part of the student’s experience will be the many ways in which hands-on learning will occur. Community Health students work with health and human services agencies to gain a better understanding of their clients’ point of view.  Future Personal Fitness Trainers follow the NASM protocol to train volunteer faculty and staff and gain experience in working with clients. Students who want to earn Pharmacy Technology certification get real world experience through an internship.

The Health and Biosciences team is prepared to help students have the best holistic experience at NVC! For more information contact NVC’s Teri Dimas, Health and Biosciences Institute Team lead.

Here’s also a video about the six institutes.

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