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This is an ongoing series to help inform staff and faculty about Alamo Institutes:

What does a caring community look like? For the Creative and Communication Arts Institute Team, a CAREing community is one where students are encouraged and given information to achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals:

Consistent – We all speak the same language and have up-to-date information.

Articulation – Our messages will be consistent to the student as well as faculty and staff.

Repeated – Students will hear these messages over and over.

Everywhere – We provide the information in various forms.

To carry out their mission, the C&CA Institute team has been putting together a Canvas portal where all students, faculty, and staff can have access to up-to-date information and resources. They will also continue to use OrgSync and email to keep students informed.

Students in the C&CA Institute are already involved in many experiential learning activities. Dance recitals, drama productions, concerts, and literary publications are some of the many activities in which students in the C&CA can participate. Associate of Applied Science programs within the institute have service, cooperative, and practicum course requirements that expose students to real-world application and enhance their experience. These programs have demonstrated that experiential learning helps students master program outcomes.

The C&CA team will be working in the coming year to establish internship opportunities for students in other disciplines. English and Speech faculty will be teaming up with Digital Media faculty to reach out to business partners to provide students with real-world experiences like communicating through social media, creating written business materials, and enhancing technical writing skills. Viviane Marioneaux-Maguire, outgoing team lead, will also be working on a transition plan.

Contributed by NVC Project Facilitator Janie Scott

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