NVC Institutes: Business and Entrepreneurship

This is an ongoing series to help inform staff and faculty about Alamo Institutes:

There is no better way to learn than through experience and practical application, and students in the Business and Entrepreneurship Institute have been doing just that. Students in accounting, business computer information systems, and economics classes are learning about business from the experts. Partners such as Toyota and San Antonio Shoe Makers have opened their doors to students and faculty and offered tours of their facilities. They have also toured Ranger Creek Brewing and Distillery and Blue Star Brewery to learn about what it takes to launch a business in San Antonio.

The Business and Entrepreneurship Institute team members have made it their mission to use their “creativity and entrepreneurial skills to help students learn in ways that make a sustained, substantial, and positive influence on how students think, act, and feel.” Implementing proven high-impact practices is essential to accomplish their mission. In addition to tours and presentations by local business leaders, the B&E faculty use methods like problem-based learning and service learning to make an impact in student’s learning experience.

In addition to enhancing students’ experience through applied learning, the B&E team works to provide academic support through tutoring and mentoring. The faculty collaborate with math, advising, and Business Council partners to ensure that students are supported outside of the classroom and as they prepare for a career.

Under the leadership of Ralph Mendez and Mike Munoz, the B&E Institute team has already started planning ahead. One goal for the next academic year is to create partnerships with local businesses and employers who are willing to host student interns. Another endeavor is to partner with non-profit organizations where students can help by analyzing and working through a real-world problem.

Contributed by NVC Project Facilitator Janie Scott

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