NVC Graduation Rate Continues to Soar

As we approach another graduation ceremony in May, and celebrate our student’s accomplishments, Northwest Vista has another accolade to add to its long list. The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has released three-year graduation rates for the 2014 first-time in-college (FTIC) student cohort from community colleges across the state. Once again, NVC is a state leader for very large community colleges in Texas (10,000 enrollment or larger) in terms of having the highest graduation rate at 30.32 percent among its peer colleges.

THECB annually reports the three-year graduation rates, which in this case is for the 2014 student cohort for first-time, full-time students who graduate within three years (150 percent of time to degree). In 2013, NVC had a three-year FTIC graduation rate of 11.1 percent for the 2010 FTIC student cohort. Northwest Vista College has come a long way since 2013 and have worked to provide numerous student support strategies for high-challenge courses to enhance the propensity for our students to overcome barriers, become core complete and graduate.

While it’s easy to discount our celebration of reaching a three-year graduation rate of 30.32 percent, the average three-year graduation rate for all community colleges in the United States is 22 percent and a 28 percent four-year graduation rate. It is gratifying to note that our three-year graduation rate surpasses the national four-year graduation rate (National Center for Education Statistics). Our next big three-year graduation GOAL will be extremely lofty as we are now focused on having the best three-year FTIC graduation rate for any community college in Texas. Although NVC, as a suburban and very large commuter college, is somewhat different from small, rural and residential colleges such as Odessa College and Clarendon College, the THECB reported their three-year graduation rate as 42 percent.

We will continue to provide our students with a quality college education, course and program support, advisement, faculty mentoring and a seamless pathway for each student to achieve their educational, and career goals. While a twelve percent increase seems daunting, remember that we have come from a 11.1 percent three-year FTIC graduation rate in 2013 to 30.3 percent three-year FTIC graduation rate in 2017. I know that we are up for the challenge.

I’m excited about all that the future holds for NVC and our students. While the recognition NVC has received has been a validation of our collaborative effort, the real winners are the students. It’s hard to believe that our 2018 graduation ceremony is only three months away. I hope to see all of our faculty and staff cheering on our students as they become NVC graduates and alumni.


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