NVC Facebook Page Surpasses 5,000

Northwest Vista College continues to explore methods of communication with students that involve technologies that are familiar and valued by our students. 

The NVC Public Relations team has been managing a college Facebook page – www.Facebook.com/Go2Vista – for several years with the goal of creating the page as a viable source of two-way communication with students. This two-way communication tool allows NVC to see what students are talking about and when necessary dispel rumors/confusion or direct people to the right place. A recent objective was to increase the number of “likes” on the page to reach out to a broad range of NVC students.

On Jan. 23, the page met the milestone of 5,003 “likes.” This was an increase of almost 900 likes since January 2012. In addition, on the same date, the page had 293 people “talking about this.” This activity measures the number of unique people who have created story/mentions/tags about the page. This is the highest number of “talking about this” individuals for the NVC page since December 2011.

If you have student-related information to share on the page, email Melissa Monroe-Young with the NVC Public Relations team.

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