NVC Construction & Renovation Project Updates

As we start the spring semester, several construction projects and renovations will still be ongoing. Here’s a list of what’s happening.  

  • The Live Oak Hall carpet removal project has been completed and faculty and staff have moved back into the building.
  • The Pecan Hall additional parking and safety construction project has been completed.
  • Speed humps repair and replacements is still ongoing and will continue through the spring semester to Lot 9, by the Mexican Persimmon Physical Plant building and Pecan Hall. Damaged speed humps will also be repaired in front of the Cypress Campus Center.
  • The Juniper Hall Open Lab carpet removal and renovation is continuing with a grand opening celebration planned in February.
  • College service administration office renovation will be completed by January 31.
  • Disc golf redesign phase 1 will begin soon and is aimed to be completed in March/April 2018. The redesign is adding holes lost during the construction phase of adding parking spots and making it a competition course. It will have 18 holes.
  • The Department of Public Safety move/renovation to Mountain Laurel Hall 133/MLH 135 is continuing and completion is in March.
  • The Emergency Command Office (EOC) in Texas Persimmon Physical Plant is schedule to be completed by March 1.
  • The Cyber Café renovation is pending delivery of furniture and will be completed during Spring Break.
  • The MLH Student Collaboration area is pending delivery of furniture and will be completed by January 31.

Laura Alvarez, NVC’s interim director of College Service, said the Project Committee and NVC Cabinet would like to thank students, faculty, and staff for everyone’s patience and support during these projects. She added that they are committed to initiatives that support safety, sustainability and students.

For more information about the projects, contact Laura at lalvarez@alamo.edu or 210-486-4796.

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