NVC Brings out Solar Eclipse Viewers

While Texas wasn’t in the path of the monumental solar eclipse over the U.S., Northwest Vista College brought out a little over 100 people to safely watch the occurrence.

NVC faculty member Marc Keltner held a solar eclipse viewing party on Monday, Aug. 21 from 11:30 am to 2 pm. Well not really a party, but he and other faculty members had a Solar Projection Scope set up, faculty Josh Alquiza was running a live feed on his computer so they could track the totality across the US, and faculty Mark Jurena brought his Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescope. Mark’s scope allowed direct viewing of the sun through special filters.

Marc said during the time they were set up, they had about 125 people at the start which included staff, faculty, students and families. At the height of the eclipse, the viewing in San Antonio reached 68 percent of the sun being covered.

Marc added the picture of the image under tree is where the spacing between leaves act as a “pinhole” camera. This was in the outdoor classroom by LOH.

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