NVC and District Employees of the Month for October

NVC Employee of the Month
Angel Vega, Student Success, Veteran Affairs

What his co-workes say anonymously ….

Angel Vega willingly works together well with each team member without hesitation. He maintains a positive attitude while assisting co-workers and students … and promotes a positive image.

It is said that Angel goes above and beyond to help student and co-workers in any way possible. He is a great co-worker who possesses a lot of information, and is a great go-to person. He always keeps an upbeat attitude, and helps to maintain a positive work climate.

District Employee of the Month
Michael Lee Gardin, NVC Assistant Professor of English

What her co-workes say anonymously ….

We are very lucky to have Michael Lee because she is one of the most dedicated and passionate faculty members that we have. She is engaged in various college activities, and is always willing to help any faculty or staff that comes her way.

Michael Lee, from the get go, has been driven to pursue Women’s Studies, Mexican American Studies, as well as LGBTQ studies at NVC. She works with various faculty and staff members on the Women’s History Month committee in order to put on Women’s History Month activities at our college. In addition, Michael Lee has participated on NVC’s faculty development committee and is a current member of the NVC faculty Senate.

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