New Senior Specialist in NVC Student Life

Norberto “Norby” Salazar Jr. is a new senior specialist in Northwest Vista College’s Student Life area.

He came to NVC in 2013 as an eager college student. During his time at NVC, he landed a work study job with NVC’s Resource Management. He worked for Resource Management for two semesters before getting a work study job with the Recreational Sports department in Huisache Hall.

He said during his time as a work study, “I learned from my supervisors/directors about recreational sports and fell in love with it.”

Soon after, he graduated from NVC with an associates’ degree in Liberal Arts, and was offered a part-time position with Recreational Sports. For the next three years, he would help create, prompt, and host recreational events at NVC.

“Coming from Dilley, a small town South of San Antonio, I would have never imagined I would be working for a college, and that the events we created would bring our students so much joy. Going into my fourth year, I was offered a full-time position with NVC’s Student Life/Recreational Sports department. In my new position, not only am I doing the same thing with Rec Sports, but I am also proud to be the program lead for NVC’s Men of Vista Engaged. Together we (staff, faculty, and students) do our best outside the classroom to ensure our students get involved and provide all the tools they need to help them become the best version of themselves.”

Norby is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from Texas A&M San Antonio. He can be contacted at





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