New Faculty Luncheon & Staffers

The new faculty luncheon was held on Wednesday, Aug. 23 to give an opportunity for faculty to meet Northwest Vista’s leadership team.

This semester, NVC hired 13 full-time faculty and four full-time temporary faculty. They range in disciplines from Social Sciences, Math, Natural and Physical Science, and Workforce academic programs. Some of the faculty members shared some little-known secrets such as having to use a throw-back flip phone because of breaking too many smartphones; learning how to drive after living in New York; and switching to teaching full time instead of running a business.

Along with faculty, a number of new staffers have been hired over the last few months. See the names below of new faculty and staff:


  • Steve Rodriguez
  • Adrianna Sherman
  • Brittany Lopez
  • Rachel Bower
  • Diana Kersey
  • Ellen Manchester
  • Anna Evans
  • Eric Madrid
  • Robert Williamson
  • Edward Giese
  • Victoria Sertich
  • Adbul-Razaq Haetham
  • Lori Nocholas
  • Dulce Cruz
  • Joe Dimas
  • Franklin Brantley
  • Stephen Schriedel


  • Dustyn Taylor – Special Event Supervisor in the Office of the President
  • Bridget Torres – Coordinator
  • Randall Garza – Associate Director, Student Wellness May
  • Sonia Hunt – Specialist, Recruitment  May
  • Analysa Castillo, Administrative Assistant, Arts and Science Department
  • Terry Bell – Specialist, Admissions & Records
  • Gasspar Cantu – Specialist, Advising, Student Success
  • Kayleigh Deffehdall – Peer Advisor, Vista Central
  • Ashley Rosebrough – Specialist, Vista Central
  • Alicia Quinones – Sr. Specialist, Admissions & Records
  • Elizabeth Sirchia – Sr. Advisor, Vista Central
  • Caitlin Slattery – Specialist, Vista Central
  • Jaime Sosa – Peer Advisor, Vista Central
  • Valerie Acosta Vasquez – Sr. Advisor

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