Michael Raso Employee of Month for February

What his peers say anonymously:

NVC is recognized for putting students first, trying new ideas and collaborative spirit. Michael represents all three. Michael’s knowledge has been instrumental in securing library resources access for our students. As soon as we went remote, he worked together with the library staff to make all the necessary changes to our home page, made sure that all the links were working and provided assistance to students and staff having technical difficulties.

He also made sure that the technical support was present to launch the new projects the library put in place after we went remote. Michael is a dependable, hardworking team member who is always willing to help with any new project we decide to implement. He has a heart of a teacher which is so important to have in his field of expertise. He not only solves the technical problems that one person might have but also takes time to connect with the person by listening and sharing his knowledge. Michael is an asset to our teamĀ  and we really value his commitment to the work we do.


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