LAMP Program Providing Much Needed Support for STEM Students

When the call went out to Northwest Vista College students to describe the program that has impacted them the most, NVC student Analissa Riojas said:

“I would have to say that the most impactful program at NVC is the Learning Assistant Math Paths (LAMP) program. Growing up, I really struggled with math so having a Learning Assistant who I can refer to has been extremely helpful. As a full time student, my schedule doesn’t always align with my professors’ office hours so having someone available outside of that has been a life saver. The Learning Assistants in the lab are so accommodating and attentive that this semester really feels as if NVC has invested me and my educational goals due to the LAMP program.”

The LAMP program was piloted during the summer 2019 term because of a dire need for academic support in historically high-risk STEM courses. Faculty members participating in the LAMP program have also reported that having a Learning Assistant in the classroom has been highly beneficial. Learning Assistants are available to help answer questions while students are working in groups, making it easier for instructors to ensure students receive the assistance they need in the classroom.

Math faculty member Jerry Koch said, “I think the other positive thing about the LA’s (Learning Assistants) is that the students see me interact with the LA’s, having fun, joking around and that lowers the tension in the class. Students relax and they start talking to each other and helping each other when I give them group work, rather than freezing at their seat and clamming up.”

It has been an eye-opening experience for faculty members to hear the insights LA’s have to share with them about their own students. Many participating faculty members were also surprised to discover that some FTIC students find it more intimidating to approach a faculty member for assistance inside and outside of the class than it is to seek help from a Peer Learning Assistant in class, or in the LAMP Center which is located in MLH Room 219.

Due to the great success thus far, the LAMP program is expanding to support more students. The LAMP program was created and funded by the Title V Project Math Paths grant. To learn more about Title V Project Math Paths, please visit the website at:

Contributed by April Carmona, Project Director of Title V Project Math Paths

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