Kudos to Advisers

After every student advising appointment, students are given a satisfaction survey, in which they have the opportunity to leave comments about their visit.

Cheri Burnside and Christina Brown have started a tradition called “Cheri’s Top 10,” where she reviews the hundreds of comments at the end of each month and (attempts) to pick her top 10 favorites where the advisor really went above and beyond. The comments are then posted in the break room on their “WOW Board.”

Here are some of the recent (non-edited) comments from students: 

Absolutely wonderful advising staff here at Northwest Vista. They have been nothing short of a tremendous help my entire collegiate career here at vista and for that, I am truly thankful. Mrs. Sandra Lopez especially deserves a round of applause for her constant encouragement and advice through these two years as well as being one of the kindest persons I have ever met. Thanks again to all.

Andrew takes his time to meet with me and makes himself available with my work schedule. He shows interest in my success and I appreciate his help in getting me back to UTSA. Thank you sir!

Angelita is by far the most helpful advisor I have ever had always answers my questions. She deserves an award for the best advisor she gives me hope and inspiration if yall don’t give her an award then I will. Angelita you are the best keep up the good work I recommend that you be the main advisor for everybody.

Bianca was very patient and took the time out to show me the different classes needed for 2 other schools I mentioned to her. She answered each and every question to the best of her ability, I am very happy and satisfied with my visit with her today. She went above and beyond to help me along with meeting my expectations and giving examples so I can have a better understanding as well.

Felicia King has put me on the right track to success. She answered all my questions and helped me possibly save some money by suggesting taking extra classes here instead of at a 4-year institution. Felicia was very kind and I appreciated all the advice she gave me. Thank you

For years, I have been struggling on what I want to do with my life.  I wanted to become an audiologist, but I kept rethinking whether that job would fit for me. I see myself wanting to help and teach people in an educational setting. I feel passionate about education.  I finally decided that I want to become an academic advisor. Mr. Francisco really helped me and encouraged me to follow through with that career path by telling me about his experiences, his typical workday, etc. I am now confident that an academic advising career is something that I want to do, and I cannot wait to see what my future has in store for me, thanks to my inspiration: Mr. Francisco! 🙂

Great experience! Omar motivates and gets right to the point. Every time I leave from meeting with him, I get a sense that I am doing everything I can and can see the finish line! Omar is great in every aspect of engagement with the student, communication, instructions, and the list can go on and on!

Huge thank you to Mrs. Olivares she was by far the most caring, professional and compassionate advisor that I have met with thus far she was extremely helpful and gave me a new outlook and hope for my upcoming semesters. I very excited and thankful!

I was very lucky to have an amazing advisor like Ms. Luz Hernandez. She is awesome!

Jasmine is the BEST ACADEMIC ADVISOR! Not only is she patient, she is kind and very thorough. I am very grateful to have her guidance in my academic career. She also responds to emails in a timely manner, which I appreciate!

Made me feel comfortable to ask, as many questions as id like. Made it easy to figure out my next classes. Was very helpful in making more than one plan for me so that I could view my options. Amazing attitude and made me feel very welcomed! (Val)

Mr. Parker was an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience for the career path that I want to take. He also answered my questions for my path to a four-year degree program. I am very lucky to have him as my counselor. He showed an incredible amount of interest in my future endeavors for film while maintaining an efficient use of time for work and family.

Stacy helped me a great deal. I did not know about the priority deadline and she explained that. Stacy made me feel so much better about my degree and my choice for university.

Nothing against the other advisors, but Jose was awesome with my financial aid appeal. Turned what I thought to be a horrible situation into a positive. I feel on track and ready to graduate and head on to my next chapter. He was amazing!

Orlando did an incredible job figuring out with what my following path will be, when he did not need to do it, because he was just doing a presentation in my class. Also it is great that he took time to explain what is next and why is better for me to do it that way.

Very pleased with this advising session. Advisor was prepared ahead of time, and obviously took the time to research my case and needs. Could not be more pleased. (Jonathan)

One of the best advisors here at NVC, super friendly and a person with great knowledge. If it would not be for him I would have not been able to be motivated enough to get my GPA up to the mark. I would specially thank him for being there not just as an advisor but also as a friend. (Carlos)

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