January Bragging Breakfast Highlights 25-Year Anniversary

The first Bragging Breakfast of 2020, hosted by NVC College Services, started with NVC President Dr. Baser recognizing the college’s 25-year anniversary.

To commemorate the milestone year, advertising on and off the campus will feature the 25-year NVC emblem, and special commencement medallions will be given to faculty, staff and graduates for the commencement ceremony. Additionally there are approved logos and graphics that can be used to promote events. For more information, read this article.

To help kick off the celebratory year, there will be a “Beans & Jeans” Chili Cook-Off on Thursday, Feb. 20 in Lago Vista/Cypress Campus Center. Prizes will be awarded for the best dish. It’s open to all faculty, staff and students. Register in Alamo Share.

NVC College Services

Vice President of College Services Erin Sherman introduced the NVC touchstone of “Integrity.” She said College Services shows integrity through its readiness initiatives. For instance:

  • A team has already been put together to prepare for NVC’s fifth-year interim report through the Southern Association of Accreditation for Schools and Colleges.
  • The District Budget Office will conduct a Budget Roadshow on Feb. 4 at 8 am for budget managers.
  • Employees are encouraged to update their Alamo Notification Information through the Employee Tab on ACES
  • The PACE Survey is underway. Be sure to complete the survey from your perspective as an employee at NVC using the link in your email.
  • There will be a campus-wide lockdown on Thursday, March 19 at 1 pm for five minutes.
  • If you See Something, Say Something – preferably not anonymously. Campus police have a hard time getting accurate information if the person reporting the incident chooses to be anonymous.

Blood Drive

Vanessa Gonzales, a donor recruitment consultant with the┬áSouth Texas Blood & Tissue Center, shared with the NVC audience how the college is No. 1 in 2019 for contributing the most lifesaving units of blood – more than any other college or university in San Antonio. That was 257 more units than UTSA and 67% of Alamo Colleges total collections came from NVC.

Vanessa added for 2020, the need is even larger. Alamo Colleges Chancellor Dr. Mike Flores and all five presidents are implementing a district-wide pound for pint campaign with the goal that 10% of the college’s population will participate in 2020. For NVC, that’s 1,527 units/people will hopefully contribute.

“We want to be a resource for students. It’s important not just to come to campus and ask for blood. If you are putting blood on our shelves, we want to put food on the shelves of your food pantries,” said Vanessa, adding NVC started the pound for pint challenge and now every college is following in our direction.


  • While the NVC graduation ceremony is currently scheduled for Monday, May 11, it may change to May 14 or May 15 in order to share the costs with UTSA, whose commencement is May 16.
  • NISOD winners are Steven Rocha, Angela Cavazos and Gloria Jimenez
  • The NVC Cowboy Breakfast, hosted by NVC Staff Senate, will be Feb. 7 starting at 7 am in Lago Vista/Cypress Campus Center
  • Goals Achievement Summit on Feb. 28 from 9 am to 10:30 am in Lago Vista. The theme is 1995 so bring pictures to add to the 25-year timeline.
  • The Wildcat Spirit Award was given to the NVC Financial Aid team by the NVC Recruitment Team.
  • The December Employee of the Month is Corinna Garcia.
  • The January Employee of the Month is Veronica Buendia.
  • Diane Rocha in the NVC President’s Office is retiring at the end of this year.
  • The 2020 Emerging Leaders Cohort are:
    • Robert Bridgeford
    • Anna Lilia Castorena
    • Abigail Garcia
    • Necola Glaze
    • Jonathon Gonzales
    • Veronica Gonzales
    • Michelle Lara
    • Sandra Lopez
    • Virginia Mares
    • Jose Ortiz
    • Jacqualyn Tocchi-Wallpe
    • Alice Quinones


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