Information Literacy Grads Present Projects

The first graduates of the Information Literacy Academy presented their capstone projects in Manzanillo Hall’s Innovation Center on April 7.

Faculty and staff began attending information literacy workshops led by the NVC librarians starting in fall of 2016. The culmination of training was the presentation of a capstone project, which had to be the creation of an assignment specific to each faculty member’s discipline with a focus on information literacy skills.

Some of the assignments faculty created for their students included learning how to search for credible information on the web, deciphering what is fake and real news on social media, helping students understand that Wikipedia may not be the best source for information or should be cited in their research paper bibliographies.

Along with the presentation of the assignments in a poster-style conference session, the information literacy graduates will present their completed projects to their discipline teams at NVC’s August faculty training day. A new group of Information Literacy Academy participants will begin a new year of training in the fall of 2017. The current graduates can build on their initial training by attending enhanced training retreats during the 2017/2018 academic year.

NVC Vice President of Academics Dr. Amy Whitworth said, “It was an impressive, intelligent, and exciting presentation of the work that has been done this past year! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  Our students are so very lucky to have such dedicated faculty and staff here at this great college!”

The NVC Information Literacy Academy is a part of NVC’s Quality Enhancement Plan, which has a goal to equip students with information literacy skills that will show them how to Find, ethically Use, Synthesize, and Evaluate information (aka inFUSE) in their classes and in their co-curricular programs.

– Contributed by Denise Tolan, NVC QEP director


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