I Feel People Want me to Succeed

La reVistaFrom Sharon Dresser of the NVC Access Office

Mark Twain was right ….  “Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.”

Sharon says she was blown away when one of our blind students told her the following last week…

“I feel safe here!. I have been to a few of the other campuses within the Alamo Colleges. This campus feels different. It does not feel Institutionalized like the other campuses I’ve been to.

You can tell people care about the students here. There are four students who want to be my volunteer notetaker in my computer class! Everyone is so helpful and kind. I feel wanted and I feel that people want to see me succeed!'”

Sharon adds, “That’s my NVC!  Thanks for ‘walking the talk’, fellow Wildcats!”

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