Helping Others Go Remote

Like most of the academic chairs across Northwest Vista College, Joy Qiaoying, chair of Northwest Vista College’s Math and Engineering department, has seen her area go above and beyond to transition to an online environment.

She said “kudos goes out to our lab supervisors, grant leaders, and coordinators who work tirelessly to find alternative solutions for the transition to remote teaching. I am simply amazed by your passion on what you do and how you try your best to support each other and your regular mentees and/or your new Canvas mentees. Thank you for being a role model for others and being such an outstanding team player.”

She recently received this feedback from an adjunct instructor in her area:

“I feel compelled to say how grateful I am to many of the full-timers for their generous help the past several days. In just the last 48 hours, I have received outstanding Canvas and Zoom support from Robert, Amy, Christa, Amanda, and Brooke. From dawn to dusk, I have been learning and practicing and my confidence has grown exponentially. I want to thank you and Joy again for keeping the latest information flowing and projecting a sense of calm and cooperation. Crisis situations often bring out the best in people, and I’m seeing ample evidence of that from our department each day.”

Joy said one of her faculty members also had this to say about the NVC IT & Communications team:

“Even though I have no technology, IT department staff, Larry and everyone, took care of me well. Felix, Veronica, and Ana in IT have been extremely helpful in answering numerous questions and supporting our faculty and students. Now when I think about it, I felt a little bad that I was a bit demanding on asking Felix a long list of questions since Day 1. The amazing thing was that Felix always responds and finds a solution for my questions with patience and grace. I would say without hesitation that our IT team at NVC has been instrumental during the transition from F2F to remote learning.”


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