Health & Safety a Priority

Northwest Vista College’s Risk Management team, led by NVC’s Garvin Dansby, will be making sure faculty, staff and students are safe this spring semester. 

The team has recently increased in size to ensure there are enough Health & Safety Officers at each building’s entrance. These employees will be conducting health screenings for COVID-related symptoms and temperature checks. They will also be reminding people about the PPE and social distance requirements/policy.

According to Alamo Colleges, students who do not wear masks will not be allowed to remain in any classroom, laboratory, or campus, unless they accept available masks furnished by one of the safety officers. A faculty member may enforce the mask requirement in the classroom and may report a non-compliant student to the Student Conduct officer for determination of any violation of the Student Code of Conduct.

The campus will be closed the first four weeks of the spring semester due to increasing coronavirus rates. Eventually as the community comes back to campus, the Health & Safety Officers can be easily identified since they will be stationed at the entrance of each building and will be wearing medical scrubs.

Each campus has been hiring Health & Safety Officers to help reduce the virus’ spread. So far, NVC has reported 118 exposure and positive cases as of Jan. 14, 2021. The district and college’s quick action to follow local and state mandates to “Stay Home, Work Safe” has helped to keep the virus away from the Alamo Colleges.

Currently, San Antonio’s COVID-19 Dashboard puts the city at a “Severe” level with more than 37,000 positive cases in the last 30 days and 138,785 overall cases as of Jan. 13.

If you have any questions regarding NVC’s health protocol’s, contact Garvin at Here’s a previous story about what NVC is doing to help slow the spread


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