“Good Natured” Exhibition in Rockport

Congratulations to Northwest Vista College’s Diana Kersey for recently making the “Top 5” events in Texas by Glasstire – one of the oldest online art magazines in the country.

Diana told Glasstire that her exhibition, “Good Natured” is about “the end of the world. It is about more ‘happy’ things too. For example, my love of the clay material and the natural world, the magic of the potter’s wheel, the alchemy of glazes, and the world-wide human culture that is recorded in the pots I study in museums, books, and on the internet.”

As part of the exhibition that is on open until Saturday, March 2, Diana presented an artist talk during the opening reception on Feb. 9, and a free demonstration of her work on Feb. 10.

A video of her artist talk is available here: https://www.facebook.com/rockportartcenter/videos/289167945111673/


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