Gamers Lurking Among the Staff

On Nov. 16, Paul Vallejo, and his brother Jacob, attended the Houston Arcade Expo to visit one of the largest temporary arcades in Texas.

For two days, collectors from different states come together to share their love of retro to modern arcade and pinball games and listen to various speakers in the industry.

While attending the expo, they were able to win one of the tournaments that was being held for a game titled “Warlords”. A raffle was held Saturday evening for Stern’s 2019 “Jurassic Park” pinball machine and Paul – Vall-yeh-goh, Vall-lay-ho – Vallejo was drawn from the basket. Even though his name was mispronounced several times, he was able to verify he was the winner and walked away with a new pinball game.

Paul is a member of the Northwest Vista College’s Marketing & Strategic Communication team.

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