From Lupus to Personal Trainer

Three years ago Venetia June Pedraza was diagnosed with Lupus and decided that she was going to learn everything in regards to fighting this disease.

At the start of this journey she learned about anti-inflammatory diets that worked best for fighting autoimmune diseases. In addition, Venetia “June” also looked into fitness regimens that were geared for weight-loss and strength training. During the last three years, Venetia June found a low-carb diet that worked for her as well as a cross training gym that geared it’s workouts towards cardio and weight lifting. As of today, her lupus is dormant and she has lost 80 pounds.

Because this diagnosis changed her life, she is now committed to helping others fight disease through diet and exercise and she has just completed her personal training certification this past January. She is currently working with a group of local women who cater towards helping women live their best possible lives.

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