Food Trucks Now on Campus

Turkey legs, baked potatoes, noodle bowls and smoothies will be just some of the items you can eat and drink at new food trucks on campus.

Wicked Panda, and Walker Smokehouse will be parked in the area noted in the map along the side of Texas Ash Parking Garage. Wicked Panda features Asian cuisine and Walker Smokehouse offers barbecue food and breakfast tacos. Both trucks accept credit cards.

The food trucks will help bring food choices to the campus since the cafeteria is closed and will be undergoing construction until 2023.

The Cyber Café also reopened from 7 am to 3 pm for employees and students to get grab-an-go items. Menu items will include  sandwiches, packaged chicken fajitas, yogurt, fruit cups, coffee, tea, sodas and energy drinks. As more equipment gets delivered to the Cyber Cafe, more items will be offered.

Laura Alvarez, NVC College Services Director, said in the near future, some of the food trucks might offer packaged food items in the Cyber Café, and the food trucks will offer catering services as well for lunch time delivery.

If you are walking on campus, use the Live Oak Hall breezeway to get to the food trucks. For more information, contact Laura

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