Wildcat Days on Aug. 22 & 23

La reVistaOn Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 22 and 23, Northwest Vista College will welcome students for the fall semester as part of Wildcat Days. Volunteers located in five stations across the campus will give students a smile, help them find their classes and provide maps, planners, pens and much more.

This year, Wildcat Days’ will have five stations open from 7:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. both days. The stations will be located at the following places:

  • Juniper Hall/Red Bud Learning Center
  • Mountain Laurel Hall/Manzanillo Hall
  • Pecan Hall
  • Live Oak Hall
  • Palmetto Center for the Arts/Cypress Campus Center

Building Coordinators for each building and location are enlisting volunteers to serve one-hour shifts. If you would like to volunteer for Wildcat Days, you can go to a special website to select your time slot. Here is the URL to sign up: http://web.nvc.alamo.edu:8080/wildcat-days/

Please note: this site can only be accessed at the NVC campus; you will not be able to sign in at home or at any other campus or location.

And, the website is only viewable in the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari. The site will not open in Internet Explorer.

Thank you, Cynthia Rosas and Robert Tuck and the IT Applications Team for creating the volunteer registration website. And, thanks also goes to the Resource Management Team for providing valuable assistance in preparing for this year’s Wildcat Days.

For additional information about Wildcat Days, contact Lynne T. Dean, ldean12@alamo.edu. For technical questions or issues about the volunteer registration website, contact Cynthia Rosas, crosas31@alamo.edu.

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