Faculty Stay Busy During the Pandemic

Northwest Vista College faculty stayed busy this past summer while getting their classes ready for a remote teaching environment. Here are a few things our faculty were up to:

Articles, Keynote Speakers, Conferences

Christopher E. Baecker, who teaches economics at NVC, is a contributing writer to “Mises Wire,” which offers contemporary news and opinion through the lens of Austrian economics. His latest article is title, “Protectionism and ‘Weak Dollar’ Trade Policy. Read it here.

David Galindo, who teaches History at NVC, published a single-authored article in one of the top international sports history journals, “The International Journal of the History of Sport.” His article is titled “An Imagined Community in Sport: The San Antonio ‘Spurs Family.‘”

David was also invited by Professor Andrew Garcia of Texas A&M University – College Station to present some of his research to his classes in late September as a guest lecturer, which is linked to his ongoing Ph.D. research.

Dr. Don Lucas, coordinator of NVC’s Psychology department, has been invited again to be the keynote speaker about the 12th Annual Pedagogy Conference at Northeast Lakeview College in Universal City, Texas. Learn more here: https://www.alamo.edu/nlc/pedagogy/

Dr. Scott L. Walker, a Geography program coordinator at NVC, had the opportunity to virtually attend the International Virtual Exchange Conference (IVEC), hosted by Newcastle University (via Zoom) in mid September. Paid for by the Alamo College’s Office of International Programs, the conference which is traditionally held in the United Kingdom, is the largest and most prominent event on virtual exchange, providing a forum for those interested in technology, international education, and new pedagogies. Its last conference welcomed over 350 attendees from 28 countries around the world.


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