Faculty Member Natalia Trevino Publishes Book of Poems

Northwest Vista College Professor, Natalia Treviño, will soon see her latest collection of poetry in print with the publication of “VirginX.”

Published by Finishing Line Press, an award-winning poetry publisher, the poems in the chapbook all deal with the Virgin Mary and the intersections of her divinity with Earth goddesses: Tonantzin and Coatlicue.

The cover of the book features the drawing, “Por Las Tardes le Gusta Bordar,” by California artist, J. Michal Walker. This artwork initially awoke Treviño’s buried grief for her grandmother, Maria de Socorro, who was a faithful servant of and named for the Virgin, and this inspired the exploration of the Virgin’s many identities and names to assist the poet to come to terms with the role of the divine in ascertaining the gulf and mystery at the hour of our death.

Widely published, award winning poet and activist, Veronica Golos, author of “Rootwork”, says, “This poetic labor, which we only see because of its wide references and obvious study, offers us a voice both ancient and contemporary. It is the voice of Aztec and of San Antonio; of the Madonna and the goddess with a necklace of hands; it is the cross-bordering that brings to the reader an admixture of English and Spanish, of a meticulous embroidering and yet a sparseness of space and word. I think this book is gorgeous. Necessary.”

Treviño’s poetry has been widely published by reputable literary anthologies and journals for more than 20 years. She teaches English composition, Mexican American literature, and creative writing as a Professor of English Northwest Vista College. She is the author of “Lavando La Dirty Laundry” (Mongrel Empire Press, 2014), a finalist for the International Rubery Award and The Writers League of Texas Poetry Award.

Finishing Line Press is a poetry publisher based in Georgetown, Ky. It publishes the Chapbook Series and the New Women’s Voices Series, and it sponsors an Open Chapbook Competition, which selected VirginX as a semi-finalist.

To order “VirginX”, visit the New Releases at www.finishinglinepress.com.

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