Excellence in Teaching Awards

[image 1]Three faculty members were recently recognized at NVC's 2012 Convocation for Excellence in Teaching. This year, the nominees were:



[image 2]Sally First, Accounting
“Accounting is a subject that many come in dreading and not wanting to take. This instructor makes it into something exciting, and many students start to think of it as a possible major when transferring to university. She makes the work easy to understand and provides real world examples.

Anyone can teach straight from the book, but it takes an exceptional teacher to go beyond that.  She truly cares about the learning experience for her students,” from a student.

[image 3]Soctt Walker, Geography
“I was very skeptical about the type of work we were going to do in this class. There were a lot of hands-on experiences, technology, and videos that enhanced the learning experience. This instructor really challenged our creativity and our minds.

He always took time to answer all of our questions and made sure that everyone had an understanding of the material before moving on. There was always great interaction in this class,” from a student.

[image 4]Anthony Coppin, Math
“I took my developmental math courses with him and continued onto business calculus this semester. Mr. Coppin makes sure that each student in his class feels great and is treated like an individual.

His method of teaching encourages me and my fellow classmates to not only learn and study, but teach each others along the way. I can honestly say, I have never been in such a community driven class and am both surprised and delighted to recognize this characteristic in a math course,” from a student.

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