Excellence in Teaching Awards

Congratulations to four Northwest Vista College instructors who were recognized for Excellence in Teaching.

Ellie Francie Breivogel

Ms. Breivogel is by far the best professor I have had so far! She is so sweet, kind, and helpful. I believe she should win this award, because she definitely deserves it.

John Bruno

Dr. Bruno is a very passionate professor. Dr. Bruno stays on top of cutting edge new research, articles and companies. Dr. Bruno responds to emails within 24 hours, which makes a big difference in student success when it comes down to content questions for exams or lab practicals. Dr. Bruno is devoted and it is evident in his lectures. He is prepared and never cuts class short. Also in the lab, he makes his own stick solutions rather than substituting something commercial you can buy which is the easier route to go. I appreciate him as an educator, he is inspiring and makes his lectures fun with his enthusiasm.

Robert Digiovanni

I have been out of school for three years, and coming back, my biggest worry was to re-learn mathematics. Turns out Math was not only my favorite class this fall, but the easiest class to learn thanks to Mr. Digiovanni’s direction, his great note taking, assistance through email, his sense of humor, and providing videos to students. I always loved math, but struggled in the past because I would get lost by the instructor, but Mr. Digiovanni made it so easy to understand the material and the reasoning behind it to fully capture what it is that we are doing in class. He is a great math teacher who really cares about his student and cares about the material he is providing to his class.

Mr. Digiovanni is a very understanding teacher and he’s worked with me along the way and I am so grateful for him. I was understandably worried when signing up for Calculus II, especially an online section as all my friends and colleagues told me that Calculus II was miles harder than Calculus I, but I don’t believe that anymore. Professor Digiovanni’s Calculus II class is so much easier than my Calculus I class and I just signed up for his Calculus III section.

Ralph Mendez

There has been no other teacher in my education history that has valued his quality of teaching any higher. Mr. Mendez cares to teach life lessons along with accounting, relating it to how it can and will effect our lives. Mr. Mendez always puts the lecture in our perspective to help us understand what we are learning. He loves to teach and is always motivating us to learn.


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