Event Furniture and Set-ups

A group of key stakeholders recently met to review our current versus desired situation regarding event furniture across the college.  With the minor purchases and process changes outlined below, we believe we have achieved the outcome of having sufficient, appropriate furniture available for college events.

Event Scheduling and Set-up Requests

  • All college events must be scheduled in Astra Scheduleto prevent conflicts and track space utilization.
  • Event furniture set-ups must be requested by submitting a Facilities Work Orderat least two weeks in advance of the event.
  • Set-ups are typically completed the evening prior to an event or between events if scheduled on the same day.  For this reason, it is important that all events be scheduled in Astra Scheduleand that set-ups not be rearranged without approval from Facilities or the department coordinating the next scheduled event.
  • If a department chooses to do their own set-up (for last-minute and/or small-scale events), that same department must also perform a tear-down immediately after the event and return furniture to where it was stored or otherwise arranged for the next scheduled event.

Available Event Furniture

  • Sufficient furniture is available in each multipurpose room listed below to accommodate the capacity of the space.
  • The furniture designated for each space is stored in that area and should not be moved or reconfigured unless through a Facilities Work Orderfor an event set-up.
  • Indoor furniture will no longer be used outdoors.
  • Astra Scheduleis being updated to reflect some basic room configuration options so that the user is aware of the furniture available for that room.

o   CCC Lago Vista 121/122: 40 rectangle tables seating 4-6 and 190 chairs

o   HH Banquet Room 113: 14 octagonal tables seating 6-8, 15 rectangle tables seating 4-6, 113 chairs

o   PH Community Room 101: 10 round tables seating 6, 60 chairs

o   PCA Foyer: contact Rey Cardenas

o   MZH Innovation Center: purchasing new folding rectangle and crescent tables seating 4-6, 80 chairs

o   Outdoor and other events: 20+ each folding rectangle and round tables (but no chairs), large canopy/tent.  Purchasing new folding rectangle tables/chairs to seat approximately 80 and 2 10×10 instant canopies.

o   Events requiring more than what is available for that space will require rental of event furniture from a contracted vendor.

Lago Vista Storage Room 120

  • The storage room inside Lago Vista has been cleared and will now only store furniture for Lago Vista events (i.e. tables, chairs, stage, dance floor, etc.) with room to allow for easy removal and replacement of these items.
  • Items should not be removed from Lago Vista except through a Facilities Work Orderfor an event set-up.
  • Please refrain for using this storage room for other than short-term storage of items needed for an event scheduled in Lago Vista that same week.

Please contact Virginia Leggett with questions, concerns or other feedback about the items above.


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