Graciela Sanchez and Bridget Torres

Graciela Sanchez
Student Success Advising Team Support Specialist

Graciela Sanchez was recently nominated Northwest Vista College Employee of the Month at the September Bragging Breakfast meeting.

Her colleagues said she has a great attitude. She is always very positive and is always willing to go the extra mile for her team and students.

Graciela is reliable and truly cares about the students and embodies the student’s first model. Her passion can be seen when working with the team and students.

Bridget Torres
Coordinator Of Student Success

Bridget Torres has come full circle. She retired from Alamo Colleges at the end of January this year and started at NVC when college staff were in a trailer in the parking lot in 1998.

She was at NVC for 13 years doing Admissions, Records and State Reporting. She moved to San Antonio College to take over the Residency and State Reporting Office. In January 2015, she moved to the district office. Bridget has come back as a part timer as a coordinator of Student Success.

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