Employee of the Month – Richelle Gilsdorf

Richelle Gilsdorf
Student Success, Certified Advisor

What her peers say anonymously: 

Richelle Gilsdorf exemplifies “Students First” in all that they do. She is the first to jump in and help with support for any student, even when she is not part of their caseload, when students are challenged with an issue. She goes above and beyond in helping students gain back trust when student are given the run around.

Richelle exemplified collaboration by assisting any and all colleagues within Northwest Vista College. Any time a group IM comes in from another NVC department with a question on a student issue, she is the first one to respond to the IM and does research on the students record and comes up with the answer and/or solution. She does this with a quick, positive and helpful attitude.

She shows a  “Can-Do Spirit” in everything she does from helping students to assisting co-workers, in a positive manner. She always has a positive attitude no matter what challenges or obstacles that come across and does a great job in overcoming them in a seamless way and always sees the good in everything.

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