Employee of the Month: Dr. Michael Lee Gardin

dr-gardinEmployee of the Month for October: Dr. Michael Lee Gardin

What her co-workers say anonymously: 

“Whether it is her dedication shown by her presence at all kinds of campus events or it is her willingness to meet with a student after her office hours, share a lesson plan with a colleague, or lend a hand to someone in need of a new perspective or some input, she brings positive energy. It is easy to tell she is excited about NVC, its students, and what it has to offer them.”

“Within a short period of time, she has worked hard to get to know NVC, to help it flourish and grow, and to serve its students in the best and most creative ways possible. Honoring her at this stage would show her that her efforts have not gone unnoticed and encourage her to continue¬†her commitments and performance.”

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