Construction Update

Construction on the new Welcome Center and adjoining parking garage will begin soon. Spaw-glass, the managing

construction firm will begin fencing off the construction site on November 10.

“Parking lot 9”  located in front of LOH will be closed due to construction.  Please plan accordingly to allow extra

time arriving to campus. An overview of the construction site (noted in yellow) is attached.  The red lines note the route utilized for

construction traffic.  The loop road remains open to all traffic.

Please note that Spaw-glass safety protocols include sounding a horn if work on the job site needs to be halted.

NVC operations are not impacted in the event of the horn sounding. The construction site is off limits to everyone, except Spaw-glass constructions workers. Facilities and Construction Management will be adding extra signage to assist with traffic flow.

If you have any concerns please contact Laura Alvarez at


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