Celebrating Vista Central’s Grand Opening

Northwest Vista College celebrated the grand opening of Vista Central in the Cypress Campus Center on May 9.

Vista Central not only helps students enroll in college, but math faculty advise students in the center to make sure they get on the right path from the start.

Debi Gaitan, NVC’s vice president for Student Success, said “Vista Central is the culmination of our vision of providing a place for new NVC students to receive comprehensive, holistic and individualized on-boarding and intake support,”

She added the goal is to reduce the shuffling of new NVC students from one location by attempting to provide as many resources as possible in one location.

Since opening Vista Central on August 24, 2016, a total of 4,649 students have been served from 8/24/16 to 5/9/17.

The top services are:

Service                                                         Number of Students Served

Complete & Submit Apply Texas 1042
Assist with Logging Into Email 546
Registration Support (prior to class start) 487
Enrollment Checklist Review 456
Complete AE Modules 413
Upload & Submit BM 324


Debi added that math is one of our city’s biggest barriers for students entering and remaining in college.

“We have created a tremendously strong and resolute team of Student Success staff and math faculty who are in this partnership together, Debi said. “It is our shared vision that is becoming a realty and it is just the beginning of the dedicated relationship between people that truly believe that math matters.”

Invited guests at the event included Alamo Colleges District board member Roberto Zarate and Alamo Colleges Vice Chancellor for Student Success Dr. Adelina Silva.

Anna Harwin, an NVC math faculty member, said this center is a long-time coming and having some of the math faculty advising students on the spot, will help bring down those math barriers.

To see a slideshow of pictures from the event, go here.

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