How Baldrige Fits Into the Strategic Plan and #GoWestVista Initiative

You may have seen several messages, heard conversations or attended meetings regarding our upcoming Baldrige visit.

For some, this may bring about exciting memories of BOB (Bring It On Baldrige) which was the slogan NVC used during the 2011-2012 Baldrige process. For others, this may create some angst or discomfort that I will address and bridge the connection of Baldrige to NVC’s Strategic Plan.

I want to thank each and every one of you for caring and asking questions regarding this process. I will try to address as many questions as I can. Please review the questions and let me know if you have any additional ones.

What is Baldridge and How Did We Get Here?

How Does Baldrige Fit Into the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan?

Why Should I Care?

What Can I Do?

What Will Baldrige Examiners Do While They Are Here?

How is Baldrige Different or Similar to SACS?

What Is Expected of Me During the Baldrige Visit?


Robin Sandberg

Dean for Student Success

Student Success is heading West this Friday!

As part of the reintroduction of Northwest Vista College to the West Side of San Antonio, all Student Success team members will be engaged in an outreach campaign that morning by serving in one of two ways:

1) distributing outreach packets to local businesses and agencies or

2) serving on-campus by conducting outreach campaigns and strategy sessions.

As a reminder, all team members need to work with their supervisor to identify how they plan to participate this Friday. Be sure to sign up and let us know where you will be serving! GOWESTVISTA Sign up

As we begin our Baldrige site visit, the #GoWestVista initiative is a great example of the Process Design Model. We began exploring ways we could improve our services to the West Side community this past spring as we began the “Identify Opportunity” phase of the model. Through focus groups and conversations with Vice President Debi Gaitan, we began exploring the needs and opportunities for impact.

Throughout the summer, the Recruitment Team continued working through the “Conceptual Design” and “Analyze” steps to identify the geographic area, outreach efforts, and timelines. As Friday approaches, we are excited to get out into our community as we move to the “Implement” stage of the Process Design Model.

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