Beverly Evans Scholarship Awards $10,000 to Students

Contributions during the annual Employee Giving Campaign make a difference in the lives of Northwest Vista College students. The Beverly Evans Memorial NVC Student Life Scholarship is one example.

In three years, the scholarship has reached levels capable of offering students $10,000 in awards. This is possible by the ongoing annual contributions of NVC donors.

This year, 20 NVC students received a $500 scholarship. Below are excerpts from a few recipient thank you letters.

Four Northwest Vista College employees, Amanda Gorrell, Judy Camargo, Mallory Plummer and Patrick Fontenot, volunteered to serve on the scholarship selection committee this year. The committee collectively reviews applications of students eligible to receive the scholarship.

Please consider giving any amount toward the Employee Giving Campaign. Every donation reaches a student. To donate, log into ACES, click on Employee tab, then on the Employee Giving Campaign graphic.

Beverly Evans was a longtime NVC employee who worked in the President’s Area, until her passing in 2017. The Beverly Evans Memorial NVC Student Life Scholarship celebrates her spirit of joy, and commitment to helping others through kindness and service.

Letter 1

“I am a second year college student, maintaining a 3.9 GPA and is majoring in Early Childhood-6th Grade Education. My goal is to receive my associate degree in teaching at NVC, and to attend Texas A&M — San Antonio for my bachelor’s degree in teaching. I hope to one day become an Elementary schoolteacher and inspire my future students into having a love for learning in the way that I do.

The way that my second grade teacher influenced me as a young girl, is the same way that I aspire to influence other students as a future teacher. This scholarship will help me through my journey in higher education by making it easier for me to push myself further in my studies so that I can become a great teacher one day.”

Letter 2

“My junior year of high school was one of the hardest times of my life, my family lost everything. My mom, sisters, and I were robbed by a con artist who stole so much more than just our house, my mom’s job, and her credit: he stole our childhood. We had to live in so many of our friends’ houses just to be able to rest our heads that night. But the most eye opening thing I saw was how my mom was able to pick us up and dust us off like nothing.

She worked so hard to rebuild everything that was torn down. I realized watching and admiring her that I would do anything to make sure I would not go through that again. I decided to wait to go back to school until I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life and that way I would go back to school determined.

I knew that I wanted to become an Obstetrician early on and from there I pushed myself to have high grades to eventually get into medical school. I know that through your generosity I will be able to continue my studies. I will forever be so thankful for this scholarship and will strive to make sure it is put to good use. Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to continue my education and become the doctor I know I can be.”

Letter 3

“As a nontraditional student, I was very nervous to return to college. I dropped out two times because I had trouble with focus and I doubted my own abilities. I lacked the self-confidence and determination I have now.

Now, I am a single mother and I work full-time in a job that is not very fulfilling. It is amazing what you can accomplish when you know you need to in order to be a better provider for your child, and for yourself. I feel the pressure to do better. Now that I have many more obstacles in my way, I push harder and act smarter.

Since my very first semester at Northwest Vista College, I have pushed myself to try harder than I ever have before in school. I have taught myself not to give up so easily. I have pushed myself to ask for help when I need it. I consider myself fortunate to be given another opportunity to finish college. Someday I hope to have a career where I can be helpful to my community.

I want to express my thanks to the friends of Ms. Beverly Evans for this scholarship. This award will help me continue to reach my goals. I never thought I would come this far and do as well as I have done. Hard work really does pay off. Thank you so very much for this award!”

Contributed by Manny V. Martinez – Interim Scholarship Coordinator, NVC




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