Bellwether Nomination Leads to NVC Praise

Northwest Vista College recently competed for the prestigious Bellwether Award at the 2018 Community College Futures Assembly.

NVC was one of 30 colleges selected from a group of 230 community colleges throughout the nation that were nominated by external entities. Having further progressed to the top 10 list allowed NVC faculty and staff to present our Project Math Paths “Dismantling the Great Math Barrier: A College-Wide Approach” in the Instructional Programs & Services category at the Futures Assembly. Attending with me was Anna Harwin, Debi Gaitan and Christina Brown.

Although we were not selected as the top award winner, I believe, our presentation and materials had a tremendous impact on conference attendees. NVC’s presentation was recognized by many of our professional colleagues and we received invitations to present our best practices at other colleges.

I would like to thank our math guru and visionary Professor Anna Harwin and our amazing math faculty for spearheading the systemic movement that has increased our math completion and success and thus improved our graduation rates. I would also like to recognize Debi Gaitan and her outstanding Student Success team for their collaboration with math faculty and their holistic approach to student advising which has further magnified our completion efforts.

I also appreciate the collaborative spirit of our NVC Public Relations team for helping prepare visual materials for our presentation at the conference. We will be using these in our upcoming conferences.

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone at the college for working towards improving student success. Each one of you in your classroom, in your office and in the way you interact with students and the community creates impact that contributes to our collective success!

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