Art Exhibit Showcases Faculty Creativity

When Northwest Vista College Fine Arts faculty are not busy in the classroom, they are busy putting their creativity to canvas, sculptures or finding ways to showcase their artwork.

The quickest way to see how talented our faculty are is through the Faculty Exhibition featured in the Palmetto gallery and courtyard. The exhibition highlights their varying conceptual approaches and technical practices.

NVC Fine Arts faculty William Keith, said the show features work of several full and part-time NVC Art instructors below.

“We have faculty shows about once every three or four years to show off what we do, and personally, I think what is being shown this year is quite good and shows the variety of thought and concern our teachers have for visual expression,” added William.

The show was curated by Rachael Bower, who is, herself, an art teacher at NVC. The exhibits runs through April 24 and is located in the Palmetto lobby. To see descriptions of the artwork, see the link: Faculty Exhibit 2017.

Featured Faculty

  • Raquel Beechner
  • Rachael M Bower
  • Sara Corley Martinez
  • Mimi Duvall
  • Jen Frost
  • Tim Jones
  • Lea Keith
  • William Keith
  • Deborah Keller-Rihn
  • Diana Kersey
  • Jimena Marin
  • Paul Northway
  • Katie Pell
  • Jack Robbins




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