Alamo Colleges Launch Useful Tool Through AlamoNAVIGATE

This week, all five colleges within the Alamo Colleges District launched AlamoNAVIGATE, a new online system that guides students from enrollment through graduation. It provides a personalized checklist and nudges students along the way to help them reach important milestones such as application, enrollment and completion.

The platform is currently available to first-time-in-college, former, transfer, and transient students. Currently enrolled students will be able to access AlamoNAVIGATE this fall when we launch the next phase of this project. The system is not accessible for dual credit students.

Northwest Vista College along with our sister colleges decided to create this new platform in response to a district-wide need to strengthen the onboarding experience for students and streamline Alamo Colleges District’s enrollment management system. Our goal is to create a win-win tool for both students and employees that uses simple language and cuts the amount of information that students and employees have to process daily.

The vendor chosen for this is EAB, a company providing solutions and research forums for higher education. To learn more about EAB or access their research tools, you can view this page:

Students and employees can access AlamoNAVIGATE through ACES or they can go to Google Play or the Apple App store to download the application. To learn more about AlamoNaAVIGATE, go to

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