Academic Coffee Chats 2020-2021

Title of event/opportunity:

  • Academic Coffee Chats—opportunity for faculty, staff and students to discuss ideas in a more philosophical and theoretical manner.

Dates (approximate dates acceptable):

  • Once a month during the semester—Feb-Apr and/or Sept-Nov.

Please provide a detailed financial breakdown. List each item that will be paid with SAF funds (i.e. REQUESTING $1,200 – $1,000 for John Doe speaker, $100 food/drinks for 20 people at Jason’s Deli etc.):

  • $100/month for Coffee for each event. For three months that is ~$300 for each semester. For a full academic year this is ~$600. I would like to get the coffee from Starbucks or have the coffee café on campus provide this.
  • Additionally, I would like to have some kind of snack. Again, cookies from Starbucks or HEB or even the café on campus works. I believe $30/month is sufficient. For three months, that is ~90.00 for each semester. For a full academic year, this is ~$180.
  • I would also like to provide some kind of reading material. This is think will be a low cost. We can send out the reading material via email to interested parties, but we may also want to print some items. I am not sure about the cost, but maybe ~$20.00/month for any printing material we need. This is ~$60.00 for each semester and ~$120.00 for a full academic year.
  • The grand total, these are rough estimates, ~$1,000 for a full academic year.
  • I do not believe that using a room on campus, during campus hours costs anything. However, if I am wrong, please let me know.

Select all areas below that you will need for event programming (*May not need to be included in requested budget because of different line item, but we do need to know your needs:

  •   Payment to an individual or company (vendor) for services
  •   DPS cost for non-operating hours, large audience and/or high risk *
  •   Facility fees for non-operating hours *
  •   Hospitality (catered and non-catered food and drinks for students)
  •   Prizes/Give-aways *
  •   Decorations
  •   Public Relations *
  •   Event supplies
  •   Transportation costs (i.e. buses, air fare, shuttle, transportation service etc.)
  •   Additional travel expenses (i.e. hotel, parking, Per Diem etc.)


Please provide a detailed description of this event/opportunity.  Explain how NVC students who participate will gain knowledge about their academic/career path, student development and/or college experience.  A survey will be administered through AlamoSync after the event to capture this information.

  • My interest in this activity is to foster a deeper love for learning. I hope to discuss ideas that will give students a greater understanding, appreciation, and love for exploring ideas that have a significant impact on their personal lives and the lives of others. I envision a more philosophical or theoretical approach to topics, but one that challenges students to participate in no-stakes, engaging discussion with peers, faculty from different disciplines, and staff members. I think that faculty can act as facilitators during these discussions, all the while, encouraging students to take a lead in the discourse.
  • The entire purpose of these chats is to enhance “knowledge” and, my hope, is that through  these discussions students will want to know more. They will want to takes more classes to learn more than “skills” needed for their industry, and, maybe, some will ultimately decide on a career that focuses on one element or idea that they never before considered.
  • Similar to the romantic coffee house discussions of Victorian and Romantic writers, participating in free-flow of ideas and engaging with others is an essential component of the college experience. This is something that “Universities” are known for and it is something the Community Colleges should work to encourage. I believe it will help change the illusion that a Community College is only a place to complete pre-requisite courses. Perhaps, this will “whet” student’s desire to be here, to engage in learning for the sake of learning, and to become leaders on campus.

Discussion topics: Again, these are just some ideas, but welcome any and all input to develop them further.

  • Purpose of College: To Acquire Professional Skills or Develop a Love for Learning or Both?
  • Religion: Does Religion still have a place in society?
  • Science vs. Religion: Can a person believe in Science and Religion?
  • Liberal Arts: What are they good for?

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