A Scary Oct. 13 Bragging Breakfast

The October Bragging Breakfast was hosted by NVC College Services with Vice Presidents Erin Sherman and Amy Whitworth leading the way.

Erin talked about some of the services her area provides such as contract management, accreditation oversight, budgeting and campus safety.

The new NVC coordinator of Risk Management Garvin Dansby introduced himself to the college; and Alamo Colleges Police Corporal Jill Sprowls encouraged employees to give their name when reporting information to the police.

“We are running into issues because we can’t identify students who have behavior problems (due to an anonymous call),” Jill said. “We want to solve the problem before it gets bigger. Our goal is to keep the campus safe.”

The campus non-emergency number is 210-485-0099 and the emergency number is 210-485-0911.

The college-wide events committee, led by Lisa McGoldrick, talked about the new process for coordinating events on campus. All official college events (excluding meetings, small employee gatherings) are to be inputted into the “Request an Event” page of the website: https://www.alamo.edu/nvc/events/toolbox/

There’s a list of instructions and guidelines on the page. For further information, contact Dustyn Taylor, NVC’s special events supervisor at 210-486-4370.

Erin said this process is a cultural change for the college and there will be some growing pains, but overall this new process will make the campus better and safer. She added if there are fees that your area didn’t budget for (set up and police fees) due to this new process, please check with College Services for help before deciding not to hold an event that will benefit students.

Roopa Prasad and Jacob Crandall did a presentation on “Project-Based Learning in a 1305 Chemistry Course.” They talked about how they get their students engaged with science through project-based learning.

With the help of an NVC innovation grant, students worked in groups to create their own projects from scratch that describe a science concept. Many of the groups present their projects to middle and high schools students in order to build bridges with younger students.

Jacob said they have found success with this style of learning because when they give an assessment to students at the beginning of the semester, students improve on that same test when the semester is over.

“Our students are getting better because we are getting better at doing this,” said Jacob.

Announcements and Awards

  • The Charles A. Dana Center at UT-Austin has recognized NVC’s Math and Engineering department’s approach as a “best practice” nationally, and the Project Math Paths has been nominated for the prestigious Bellwether Award.
  • Virtual Suggestion Box – New process to suggest innovative ideas, improvements and best practices at NVC. Go to Alamo Share, President’s Office, Suggestion Box.
  • The Wildcat Spirit Award was given to Teri Dimas of Kinesiology
  • HalloVISTA is on Saturday, Oct. 21 from 4-9 pm at NVC. Public Relations is still looking for volunteers. Sign up here.
  • Angel Vega of Student Success was awarded the Employee of the Month award for October.
  • Don’t let NVC President Dr. Baser wear NLC green! NVC is looking for more participants for the NVC Cares campaign. The five colleges are in competition of which college can get the most employee participation.
    So far, NLC is in the lead. To participate, go here.
  • Tricentennial proposals – Northwest Vista is pleased to announce the call for proposals for the 2018 Tricentennial Symposium which will take place April 9-13. The steering committee is looking for artistic project/performance proposals to be presented/performed at the symposium. To submit a proposal, go to Alamo share here

To see the full Bragging Breakfast meeting, go here.


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