Still Time to Volunteer for NEW NVC Diversity Council

In a year’s time, Alamo Colleges and each of the colleges have had to issue statements supporting Black, Hispanic, LGBTQ, and now Asian American communities against hate crimes and systemic racism.

These public statements and the need for more action has sparked the creation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Councils at the District office and at each of the five colleges. Just a few weeks ago, NVC issued a call for volunteers – faculty, staff, part time and full time – are invited to join and be a part of the creation and operation of the new council.

The make-up of the council, the work it takes on, and the functions of the group will be decided by those who join through co-creation, but here are some general parameters of DEI councils and some descriptions of the college’s need from the group:

  1. Acknowledge and address systemic issues present within our own college.
  2. Serve as a resource for any program, group, association, initiative, etc. (new or existing) which strives to eradicate racism, address privilege and inequity, and further social justice.
  3. Take action that advances Vista’s commitment to be an antiracist college (please see below for a reminder of the college’s 6/24/2020 commitments).
  4. Create and maintain space to discuss systemic injustices, including but not limited to racism, ableism, classism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia, xenophobia, colorism, and ageism.
  5. Engage in opportunities to expand our knowledge of injustices and transformation.
  6. Make recommendations regarding Vista’s programs, procedures, and practices that align with the above statements.

Last fall also saw the creation of the new NVC Black Lives Matter – Association which has a focus to uplift Black voices and eliminate anti-Black racism. Both NVC BLM-A and NVC’s DEI Council will complement each other to work toward a common goal to eradicate systemic racism in our organization.

If you have any questions about the new NVC DEI Council, contact Janie Scott at and Michael Lee Gardin at The leadership of the NVC DEI Council is yet to be determined. If you would like to volunteer, contact Janie or Michael Lee. 

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