NVC Library JEDI Cinema Series

In an effort to promote diversity and inclusion, the Northwest Vista College Library is launching a movie series dedicated to issues on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI). Dubbed the JEDI Cinema Series, the events will occur on Thursdays from 2 – 4 p.m. in Redbud Learning Center (RLC) 118.


Beginning on Thursday, Jan. 19 and running through mid-May, the JEDI Cinema Series will cover topics such as income inequality, disparities in health, body positivity, transgender community, immigration, and disability inclusion, to name a few.


“The goal for the JEDI Cinema Series is to use library DEI resources that will promote the representation and participation of different groups as well as build awareness of systemic racism and ways to mitigate against it,” said NVC Librarian Angela Bilbe.


“Our hope is that this film series will provide insight and inspire students to help build a more just, equitable, and informed community.”


JEDI launches on Jan. 19 and concludes on May 11. Seating is limited and on a first come first served basis.


Find more information at nvcguides.libguides.com/JEDI

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