#GoForTheGold – How NVC Scholarships Helped Dr. Mahler

NVC graduate Dr. Julien Mahler shares how sharing time and resources with others is exponential in improving the lives of our students and their families.

Scholarship funds are needed even more to help students get out of this pandemic. Statistics show that college enrollment across the US dropped 4.4% in 2020, which is more than five times the decrease in 2019 (Guide2Research, 2020). Instead of college, students were thinking about how to help support families, get jobs and put food on the table.

Through the Employee Giving Back campaign, we can at least help alleviate the burden of how students are going to pay for their school and basic necessities while at NVC.

Even during a fully remote and online campaign throughout COVID-19, we pushed forward for our students, and achieved 41% participation and raised $47,300 in 2020! Our 2021 goal is to remain a majority giving institution at 51% and increase our target by 8% to $50,600. Week one of the 11-week campaign, dubbed #GoForTheGold, will occur during the week of Alamo Colleges and NVC Convocations.

Your donation is crucial to our efforts. Listed below are the top 5 NVC recommendations (in alphabetical order); however, there are numerous funds online that you may choose to support.

  1. NVC Beverly Evans Memorial Scholarship
  2. NVC Faculty Senate Endowed Scholarship
  3. NVC Food Pantry and Advocacy Center
  4. NVC Mexican American Studies
  5. NVC President’s Unrestricted Funds

Donations at this time are limited to: (1) payroll deduction or (2) credit card online through ACES.

#NVCGivesBack website- NVC : Employee Giving Campaign | Alamo Colleges

All NVC Fund Codes 2021Alamo Colleges Foundation Scholarship Fund Codes

Single-sign through your ACES account.

Remember, it is not the amount you give, but your participation that makes a difference!

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