This past February, NVC came together via Zoom to celebrate the retirement of Elizabeth “Betty” Cunningham. Again we will celebrate her accomplishments and life this week at her funeral services. She passed away on July 2. She worked in Student Success in leadership of the Veteran’s Center and received numerous recognitions and accolades for her… Read More

“A hacker saw my financials recently…they felt bad for me and set up a Go Fund me page.” We can chuckle at this cyber humor, however, cyber crime is a serious problem in today’s world. Hackers pose a grave threat to a nation’s infrastructure at any given time. To combat these crimes, Cyber Security/Information Assurance… Read More

In collaboration with Alamo Colleges District leadership, Northwest Vista College held an advising town hall this summer for all NVC Advising staff in an effort to discuss and prepare for a new AlamoADVISE model. Approved by the Alamo Colleges Board of Trustees on July 16, the new model will lower the student to Certified Advisor… Read More

Pride month honors the history, accomplishments, and continuing pursuit of equality in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex (LGBTQI) community, including any person who identifies in the community, including non-binary, two-spirit, third-gender, asexual, and more. Why We Celebrate in June The LGBTQI movement began in the U.S. after the June 1969 police raid at… Read More

Writing expands students’ understanding of subjects and continuous practice helps them later in life to communicate and work through issues. Research also has demonstrated that when students write across many subjects – science, math, history and not just their English class – their knowledge and the understanding of a topic increases. “Just 5 minutes of… Read More

Eight Environmental Studies/Science students participated in Northwest Vista College’s first field study program in Costa Rica. Previously the field school was conducted in Morocco, but this year a partnership between the Alamo Colleges’ Office of International Programs and NVC’s Geography and Environmental Studies Department was awarded seed money from the 100,000 Strong in the Americas… Read More

By 2030, Dell Technologies is on a mission to get 25% of its workforce comprised of African American and Hispanic employees and 40% of its workforce at least women. It’s hoping to achieve that by working with community colleges, universities, HBCUs/HSIs to bring more diversity in the workplace. Northwest Vista College could help with that… Read More

Season one of Northwest Vista College’s EcoLab officially kicked off this past semester with students experiencing field work in Bandera, Texas. “We signed an agreement with the landowner in April 2020, just as the pandemic was getting started,” said Scott Walker, coordinator of the Geography and Environmental Studies program at NVC. “This spring was the… Read More

The May Bragging Breakfast brought together faculty and staff to celebrate the retirement of Dr. Ric Baser, president of Northwest Vista College. Employees were treated to breakfast in the lobby of the Palmetto Theater and then a video highlighting his years of service. Dr. Baser succeeded former NVC President Dr. Jackie Claunch in 2014. To… Read More

  Northwest Vista College celebrated its graduates on May 15 with many of them finally seeing their dreams become a reality. For example, a mom and son graduated at the same time, a student who was a part of one of the first AlamoPromise cohorts walked across the stage, and Maria Fernandez – who once… Read More

Thanks to the Northwest Vista College President’s Office Business Council, 28 Northwest Vista College students will get their final balance paid off. These students earned their degrees this semester. This means that the businesses and representatives that have form the POBC are paying a whopping $14,255 to help get students to the next level. If a… Read More

Volunteer employees from Microsoft Data Center San Antonio recently visited Northwest Vista College to assemble wildlife habitat boxes that will be placed at NVC’s 30-acre EcoLab in Bandera. As a part of a three-year Microsoft Community Empowerment Fund grant the Geography and Environmental Sustainability department was able to purchase bat, butterfly, blue bird, wren, and… Read More