Thank You for All You Do

As the semester moves into the homestretch, the Thanksgiving holiday break reminds us the people in our lives and at work that make us thankful. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank each of you, as members of the NVC family for all of the work, dedication and sacrifice you make for our students and our College.

As the college continues to grow, we are constantly finding new ways to serve our students and make a positive impact in the community. This was evidenced by our last two innovation grant presenters at the October and November Bragging Breakfasts. Professor Viviane Marioneaux of the NVC Digital Media program discovered that many of her students needed an alternative method of course delivery in order for them to remain actively engaged in the class and succeed. She received an Innovation Grant which provided the funds to purchase and install cameras and sound equipment in her class so students could still be “in the classroom” even if they were well away from the NVC campus.

Professors Roopa Prasad and Jacob Crandall gave a presentation on “Project-Based Learning in a 1305 Chemistry Course.” They were able to engage their students in science through project-based learning. NVC students were afforded the opportunity to create their own projects that described a science concept. The students then presented their projects to middle and high schools students in an effort to stimulate an interest in science with younger students. It is hoped that many of these middle and high school students will one day be NVC STEM students.

Over the past two weeks, we have hosted a variety of middle school STE(A)M students by partnering with the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as well as hosting a separate event with the San Antonio Independent School District and Phenomenon 210. Anytime we can introduce students from around our community to Vista, we are creating future opportunities for them to succeed and improving the community.

A few years ago I was told that NVC was a best kept secret. With the accolades the College has received, the high-quality instruction and service we provide, we are no longer a secret. In addition to past recognition, NVC was just been named to the Top 10 Finalist List for the Bellwether Award in the Instructional Program and Services category. Just being named to this elite group of 10 is a big honor as so many colleges across the nation are competing for this prestigious award.

Additionally, NVC has been nominated for the Aspen Award (2019) for Community College Excellence which includes a $1 million prize. Selection is based on four categories: learning; certificate and degree completion; employment & earning; and high levels of access and success for minority and low-income students.

So as we near the Thanksgiving Break, thank you again for all you do in encouraging and motivating our students. Your efforts are making a difference and you are keeping NVC a premier community college.

Happy Thanksgiving and have a Wonderful break!

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