La reVista

Recently the San Antonio Express-News covered NVC’s Math Paths project with faculty Anna Harwin, Heidi Hunt and Bailey Rodriguez. Also there two stories in the local media regarding Northwest Vista College working with the Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church in Von Ormy and Alamo Press for a Texas Cultural Heritage Project. San Antonio Express-News Math Paths: Texas… Read More

This summer marks the first time in Northwest Vista College history that a class is being taught at 6 a.m. When it’s still dark outside, students are heading to Gary Bowling’s History class for an upbeat lecture and coffee. Typically NVC offers classes at 6:30 am for those early-bird students, but this is the first… Read More

San Antonio is typically know for the battle of the Alamo, but a group of researchers are hoping to add to the Alamo City’s famous history by gathering artifacts and records that show the city’s Spanish, indigenous and multicultural settlers from all over the world. Starting in the small city of Somerset on Nov. 14,… Read More